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Book Review: The Great Typo Hunt by Jeff Deck

The cover and title caught my attention at Borders and I had to read it. The book is pretty straight forward as far as the plot, but it was the writing style that made me love this book.  It wasn’t all fluff and entertainment, either.  He grew on the journey and made me laugh my head off along the way.  Here’s some non-spoiler quotes from the book to give you a flavor:

“She described to us six lanes’ worth of unadulterated fear, populated exclusively by motorists whose driving education had been paid for by the blood of pedestrians.”

“The standard clauses of the American dream only included two weeks of vacation a year.”

Content Rating: Medium. I remember it being fairly clean, but there was some language (if I remember right:)


Say That Again, Benji!

Here’s a quote I often think of and wish more people spent time thinking of it.

In the course of my observation, these disputing, contradicting, and confuting people are generally unfortunate in their affairs.  They get victory sometimes, but they never get good will, which would be of more use to them.”

-Benjamin Franklin, The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin