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Book Review: The Age of Turbulence by Alan Greenspan

This book has two parts.  Part 1 is his autobiography and part 2 is various essays on the economy.  The most interesting part of the book was the autobiography at the beginning. If you couldn’t get through that, it doesn’t get better. The exceptions to this are Chapter 21 Education and Income Inequality and the Epilogue – they were both very interesting and thought provoking. If you want to know what the book says without going through the pain of reading the whole thing, the last chapter, the Delphic Future, summarizes the second half of the book fairly well. All in all a very dry book.  However, I did feel a bond with Alan Greenspan because he was a musician before he went into finance.  People thought it was weird that I changed my major from music to finance, but apparently Alan Greenspan did it, too! I liked this book, but then again I’m a finance major.


Book Review: The Great Typo Hunt by Jeff Deck

The cover and title caught my attention at Borders and I had to read it. The book is pretty straight forward as far as the plot, but it was the writing style that made me love this book.  It wasn’t all fluff and entertainment, either.  He grew on the journey and made me laugh my head off along the way.  Here’s some non-spoiler quotes from the book to give you a flavor:

“She described to us six lanes’ worth of unadulterated fear, populated exclusively by motorists whose driving education had been paid for by the blood of pedestrians.”

“The standard clauses of the American dream only included two weeks of vacation a year.”

Content Rating: Medium. I remember it being fairly clean, but there was some language (if I remember right:)

Book Review: Julie and Julia by Julie Powell

It made me laugh out loud sometimes, but swears so much that I wouldn’t recommend it. The movie catches the essence of what she went through in the book.  There are some scenes in the book that were funny and didn’t make it into the movie, but there are also a few gross stories that didn’t make it into the movie, either.  Overall, the writing was good.

Content Rating:  High, for strong language.