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Once Upon a Read-a-thon Day 3

Mini Challenges!

The first challenge is from Wicked Awesome Books.

So in the spirit of matchmaking, I’m setting you with the task of playing cupid and shooting your arrows at two characters from different books in, what I’m calling, LET’S PLAY MATCHMAKER!

I would set up David from the Wings series by Aprilynne Pike with Hermione from Harry Potter.  I think David’s science geekiness and Hermione’s book geekiness would get along perfectly.  They’re both intelligent but in different ways, so I think they would challenge and learn from each other.

The second challenge is from Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing.

Because I’m such a fan of book recommendations, I want you to recommend books to me. I want you to recommend 2 books to me.

Book rec #1: The Great Typo Hunt: Two Friends Changing The World One Cor(r)ection at a Time by Jeff Deck

When I saw this book at Borders, I had to read it.  The plot is pretty basic, but the way he said things had me utterly charmed from page 1.  His view of the world was witty and unique.  It was laugh out loud funny and by the time I got to the end I wanted to go out and change the world in a small way, too.  It was inspirational, insightful and entertaining.  It’s the best book you’ve never heard of.

Book rec #2: Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater.

Maggie Stiefvater is a great storyteller.  I liked how she used smells to describe everything. The question it seemed to ask the whole time was: what if you couldn’t choose to be a werewolf? It was heart-breakingly sad and beautiful at the same time.  The pace was calm to me – kind of like winter. It was slow but refreshing at the same time. Loved it. It even made me cry.

Here’s my stats for day 3.

  • Total time reading today: 2 1/2 hours
  • Pages read today: 152
  • Books read today: Halfway through Linger

Top Ten Google Ranking

I got a Top Ten Google rank for my posts about Pottermore and my theories about what J.K. Rowling meant by “Follow the Owl.”  Here’s the screenshots! The first screen shot was for the search terms “simply follow the owl” (I’m the third one down making me #7 overall) and the second screen shot was for “follow the owl salem” (I’m ranked #2 for that one!)  Yay for my Pottermore obsession!

My “Follow the Owl” Theories

I wanted to post some screen shots I found while “following the owl” on http://www.secretstreetview.com.

The first one is from Salem.  You can see a brown owl taking off from the awning and heading west.  You can also see the “magic” letter J.K. Rowling used as a teaser for what the website would be called. If you head west (the same direction as the owl) on the Secret Street View website, it takes you to Toronto. I have yet to find an owl in Toronto (or anywhere else I’ve looked), but I’ll keep looking. (Click the images to see them larger.)Here are some of my theories.

  • Why would J.K. Rowling go through so much effort to make an entire website with real-life GPS coordinates just to hide some letters for people to find out a name?  I think there’s more to this website.
  • This owl that I found is going in a very obvious direction and you can see it no matter what view you use (this isn’t true with other various birds and airplanes I’ve found in other locations on Secret Street View).
  • All of the owls on her YouTube page and even on Pottermore are all brown – no snowy owls to be seen.  This is important because I found a white bird in Toronto that I thought was an owl at first, but turned out to be a seagull.

Another view of the brown owl in Salem. It doesn't disappear no matter where you look at it from.

Two white birds on the same screen in Toronto. I was really hoping this was an owl, but it disappears if you move the angle. And it's not brown. Plus, why would there be TWO owls going different directions??

Another bird in Toronto. It also goes away with different views.

By the way, if you change the URL on Pottermore.com, you get this screen:

If anyone wants to follow along, here’s the information I got from Potterish.com  about the scavenger hunt on June 15.

Site coordinates came from: GPS Location – name of place.

1. The Leaky Cauldron : 42.523356, -70.890698  – salem
2. Mugglenet : 51.530377, -0.123259  – king’s cross station
3. Harry Potter Xperts : -34.410362,150.900671  – australia
4. Univers Harry Potter : 29.952313, -90.067849 -new orleans
5. HPANA : -29.239004,24.507602 – Africa
6. Blog Hogwarts : 34.730748,137.383786 – Japan
7. Slug Club : -23.547149, -46.520266 -brazil
8. Snitch Seeker : 51.781383, -2.56844 -forest of dean
9. Portkey : 43.640408, -79.388795 -toronto
10. pottermore @ : 53.476311, -2.22971 manchester station 

I entered these GPS coordinates into Google Maps and this is what it looks like. Zoom out if you can’t see the world map.

I’ve noticed that people have been coming to my site from Google and I hope these screen shots help.  If anyone else has any theories to add to mine, please leave a comment and let me know!

“Follow the Owl”

I found some screenshots for Pottermore.  Aren’t they great?

I was sad that I didn’t do some sort of marathon for the very last Harry Potter movie ever, so I’m super excited about Pottermore because it will be just as fun, if not more. For Harry Potter 7.1 I had a marathon with my sisters.  I even had a tag line: 7 Books, 7 Movies, 7 Weeks. We had a blast.

On July 31 there will be a challenge that will allow the first 1 million people who complete it to join early.  Part of me really really wants to be one of the first to get onto Pottermore (I already have my screen name picked out:) but the other part wants all the really excited eight year-olds to get on instead of me. Or I’m just telling myself that so I won’t be disappointed if I’m not one of the 1 million lucky people.

So if you watched the announcement, you’ll notice that she gives a hint for how to do the challenge. “Simply, follow the owl.”

I sat at breakfast trying to figure out what she meant, and then I remembered the scavenger hunt she did on June 15 for people to find the letters to Pottermore in a special GPS map at http://www.secretstreetview.com.  Various fansites had the GPS coordinates and I played along on June 15.  I also wrote them all down, so I decided to check out the website again and low and behold I found an owl in Salem, MA heading west! I followed the owl and I’m so proud that I know what she’s talking about.  My hunt hit a dead end, but I’m glad I was going in the right direction. I’m feeling a little Hermione-esque and it’s great fun.  I’m going to keep trying and maybe I’ll get lucky!

UPDATE: To read more of my theories and see screenshots and a map, click here.

And Pottermore is…

I’m still not entirely sure.  It’s not available until October but she called it a “reading experience” where you get added into the story.  You’ll have to watch her announcement to understand what I’m talking about. One thing for sure is EBOOKS!!! YAY!

I didn’t wake up at 5 am but I did have some weird dreams about what Pottermore is.  My first dream was that it  was a TV show that was more kid friendly and faithful to the books.  My next dream was that it was  an Inception-like virtual reality where we all got sorted and became magical creatures.  I was a feline type creature with glowing eyes and undiscovered super powers.  I had to read a book as part of it and some people had a hard time waking up from this game/dream…. that one was really weird.


J.K. Rowling herself put up a scavenger hunt on the internet a few days ago (which I participated in!) and it revealed the word “Pottermore” and a new website.  And the craziness began.  WHAT IS IT?  Everyone wants to know and there’s a YouTube video covered in owls where in 5 days and counting, she’ll tell us.  All we know is it’s not a book.  Theories include an online Role Playing Game, a store, an interactive encyclopedia, etc.  The owls lead me to believe that they will be delivering letters to Hogwarts in an online game of sorts.  On J.K. Rowling’s website years ago she did a sort of game/test where you could unlock awards by taking extreme trivia challenges.  I think she was testing how people would respond to something like that.  So that’s my theory – a game where you get to go to Hogwarts.  What do you think it is?