Why I Started This Blog

I have tried blogging before and I didn’t like it. I’m also not a fan of personal blogs mostly because I’m a private person but also because I like to be honest in my journal and I’d like to keep my honesty to myself, at least concerning my current life events. My sister, Andrea,  loves blogging and she tried to convince me to write one. I told her the only things that interest me are books…and I’ve been wanting to write these stories from my past. That’s it! I’ll write a book blog! I’m loving it so far.

I’ve always wanted to write down my memories as I remembered them.  Looking back on my life makes me realize how funny it was.  Painful at the time, but hilariously funny now. As an adult looking back, I realize now that some of the things I remember are not factual.  So when I call my writing “true stories,” I mean it in the sense that they are true to the way I saw, felt and experienced them at the time and children don’t always get the facts straight.  I think imposing my adult paradigm on my childhood takes the truth out of them. So what I tell you is true…from a certain point of view.  And a wise man once said, “You’re going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.”

Some of you may notice that a lot of my Flashback Friday posts have a lot to do with digestive distress. The reason for this is I was recently diagnosed with IBS and I felt this light bulb go off in my head – oh, that’s why all those things happened to me! Suddenly, all of these memories that I thought were random started connecting with an undiagnosed problem that I had my whole life. These memories kept bouncing around in my head and wouldn’t give me any rest until I wrote them down. I actually wrote the Civil War in 3rd Period English piece months before I ever started this blog.  Many of these stories I kept secret because I was ashamed of them, but I realize that they are part of who I am and finding the humor in my trials and then telling them publicly is so liberating to me.  It frees me from the shame that I’ve felt for a long time.

Once a reader, always a reader. My two-year old self even loved reading.

About Jessica

I love to read YA fantasy fiction and classic literature. I also like to write and what better to write about than my life? Because looking back makes me realize how funny my life was. Painful at the time, but hilariously funny now. I'm also a stay at home my with two young boys. My house is not as clean as it could be, but I don't really care. Books are an escape for a reason. View all posts by Jessica

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