What to read next…

I’m getting that bogged down feeling when I’ve read something long and hard.  It’s like eating really healthy, high-fiber food for a week and you just want a Twinkie or something.  I like long, hard books (and high-fiber food, for that matter) but I need something fluffy, sweet and entertaining to get me in the mood for more of the difficult books on my to-read pile.  This is why I usually alternate between classics and YA (Young Adult) fiction.  After reading YA stuff, I want something with some depth and meaning.  When I finish a hard book that took me forever to get through, it’s nice to have something like YA books that boost my confidence and remind me that I am good at reading after all.

So here’s my dilemma.  I have read so many first books in YA series that I’m worried I’ll start forgetting who’s who in all these series by the time the rest of the books come out.  So, no new series.  That whacks off half of my YA to-read list.  Plus, I’m out of money so that leaves me with the selection at the library or on lendle and I’ve looked – there’s nothing there but Book 1 in some series I haven’t read yet. GRRR.  I’m going to finish my book tonight and I want something new to read NOW.  Maybe my husband’s got 10 bucks he won’t miss.  I’ve really wanted to read Beastly by Alex Flinn before I watch the movie from Redbox.  In fact, I think I’m going to go look for my husband’s wallet right now…

P.S. I think I’m totally waking up at 5 am to watch J.K. Rowling’s announcement live. Chances are YouTube will crash with all the visitors, but I don’t care.  I’ll sit there with the rest of the world refreshing the page til it works and I KNOW what the heck her website is about.

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I love to read YA fantasy fiction and classic literature. I also like to write and what better to write about than my life? Because looking back makes me realize how funny my life was. Painful at the time, but hilariously funny now. I'm also a stay at home my with two young boys. My house is not as clean as it could be, but I don't really care. Books are an escape for a reason. View all posts by Jessica

2 responses to “What to read next…

  • Andrea Fitzgerald

    Look at you blogging maniac. I’ve sucked you in to the blogging world. 🙂 Ha ha. I liked this post. I want to read Beastly. Totally forgot about that movie until I saw this. I like to read the book before I see the movie too. Oh, and cute “My Faith” button. Good job on doing that. I’m going to go read your profile now.

    • jessicamaebaby

      Thanks for the idea for the Mormon.org link! My profile hasn’t been approved yet, but let me know if you can see it! You’re right – I can’t stop posting. I have dozens of posts in my head, but I’m holding back to one or two a day 🙂 I’m glad you liked the post. I was inspired by your honest writing about your thought process and motivation during races so I thought I’d share mine, too.

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