Book Review: Matched by Ally Condie

One of the best dystopian novels I’ve read.  The world was one I could really see growing out of the one we live in. In fact, Cassia’s world is supposed to be a utopia in a lot of ways and the dysfunction is not immediately obvious.  This made it all the more frightening because the world Cassia lives in is not blatantly evil and oppressive – it’s mostly beautiful.  I found it haunting and hard to forget.

Content Rating: Mild, for a little violence and minor swearing (if any).

About Jessica

I love to read YA fantasy fiction and classic literature. I also like to write and what better to write about than my life? Because looking back makes me realize how funny my life was. Painful at the time, but hilariously funny now. I'm also a stay at home my with two young boys. My house is not as clean as it could be, but I don't really care. Books are an escape for a reason. View all posts by Jessica

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